My Super Fan

Kristofer (we will call him Fiance) is seriously the most amazing guy in the world! Now, I know a lot of girls say this about their guys, and I'm sure it's true. But fiance takes the cake on this one. He wins hands down for best guy in the entire world (sorry girls) and I got extremely blessed and lucky that he chose me to be his future trophy wife.

Fiance is seriously, hands down, numero uno in my book!  He has supported me with everything and anything in my life. He stood by me when I was going through my eating issues, and still stands by me as I work on my relationship with food. He has supported me through 3 years of nursing school (he deserves the Nobel peace prize for this one!), which was complete with late night studying, tears, fights, and so many mixed emotions. Fiance just stood by me supporting me and loving me. He has been there for me when I've been, sick, sad, happy, mad, loving, in the worse mood and in my best mood, and let me tell you I'm a roller coaster of emotions, he seriously is to good for me sometimes. 

He deserves a full page dedicated to him, because he is that awesome. I mean he cooks, cleans, does laundry, gives super leg massages, picks up dog poop, and even sits and watches keeping up with the kardashians with me, I told you he was awesome ;) 

Fiance is undoubtedly my super fan! The fact that he supports my psycho passionate addiction to running, means he is a keeper :)  To be married dating a runner is a job in itself, early morning runs, long runs that leave you tired, hungry, and yearning for nap, miles of traveling for races (that he isn't even running in), waking up at 3 am on race days to make me breakfast and walk me to the start line, waiting hours for me at the finish line, being the perfect photographer, always giving me leg massages, making sure I never go without food and I'm always fueled for my next run or my day, always purchasing the best things that I need to make me a better runner, spending countless hours in Snails Pace until I find my perfect glass slipper running shoe, spending countless hours as I try to find the right GU, listening to me complain during taper week because I'm not logging enough miles,  taking the pup for a walk because I just don't have the time (basically so I can run),  putting up with me and all my running attics! He is a trooper!

He is sweet, loving, trustworthy, super funny, super duper smart, responsible, hot, honorable, caring, and wears his heart on his sleeve. He loves with his whole heart and I am so lucky to get that love. He is my best friend. I love his nerdy jokes, his love for sports the padres and 'niners, his passion for fantasy baseball, and his love for our puppy. I can not give him enough credit for all he is has done for me and continues to do for me, I really don't think he's ever told me "no" well except when I asked for a pony ;)

Fiance may not love running as much as I do, ( I don't love fantasy sports as much as him) but I love that he supports me and love that he even  be grudgingly joins me on small runs. He is my love, my life, my heart, my best friend! Thanks Love for loving me for me, and for choosing me to spend the rest of your life with. I love you!