Race Recap

I was born to run! 

Disney Half Marathon: September 2008
Time: 2:04:55
This was my first race ever! I instanly fell in love with this course, and offically became addicted to running races after this race!

Surf City Half Marathon: February 2009
Truly not the best race I have ran. I hardly trained for this race! I did love the medal! 

Disney Half Marathon: September 2009 
I truly just love this race! I set a goal to do better than the first time I ran this race and surprisingly I dropped 10 minutes from the previous year I ran it :)

Long Beach Half Marathon: October 2009
This by far was the best course ever! I absolutely loved this course. This race meant a lot to me because The fiance ran it with me :) He's not a runner at all, he's my super fan! We trained all summer together and we ran our first and last race together :) Fiance said he's better as a fan then a runner! This race was also the first time I didn't worry about my time and truly just soaked in the run!

Fontana Half Marathon: June 2010
I ran this race very spur of the moment! I was itching to run and decided to just run it, and only trained for a week! The course was all down hill, but not the best course!

Disney Half Marathon: September 2010
I truly just love this race and course! I was hoping for a 1:45 and was so shocked when I got sub 1:45. I ran hard this race, but sadly started having knee problems on mile 10, so I had to slow down a bit. But this race was good and I hope to beat my time next year!

Next Up

Januray 16th 2010: Rock and Roll Half Marathon-Arizona 

April 14-16th 2010: Ragnar Relay (Hopefully!)

April 24th 2010: Warrior Dash

June 2010: San Diego FULL Marathon (my first one)

September 2010: Disney Half Marathon 

October 2010: Long Beach Half Marathon 

November 5th, 2010: Race to the Aisle. I'm getting Married :)