Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Weekend!!

Hello Friends :)

 I got really behind in my blogging this weekend. I do hope you enjoyed my Thanksgiving Post. I am sorry for the lack of blogging but I have good reason :) Fiance had the whole weekend off so we got to spend lots of time together :) which was very much needed! This whole holiday weekend was crazy busy, I don't understand how weekends get so busy. We had planned to relax and do nothing this weekend, but of course that never happens :) 

Our weekend was filled with:

-Decorating the house for Christmas
-Date Night
-Soccer games with Bruin
-And much needed quality time :) 

I leave you with pictures to explain our amazing holiday weekend :) 

 I'm not much of a shopper, so instead of waking up early and spending my day with crowds of people, I decided to get into the Christmas Spirit and decorated the house :) 

Only 2 of the million boxes of lights and decorations we have
Making sure the lights are on straight, I have extreme OCD :)
Our little helper

Decorating wouldn't be complete without Hot Coco :)
 Of course we have a Baseball Santa SnowGlobe!
This house is a Baseball House
Of course we have coasters!!

Love when our house is decorated :)
Yes, we have a fake Tree! Fiance hates it, but I love it because it can go up right after Thanksgiving and we don't have to worry about dying. Fiance thinks I'm a communist for having a fake tree! Oh well,  a happy wife fiance is a happy home! 

The rest of Friday was spent lounging around in our pajamas eating leftovers and watching movies all day! 


I set out on a run in the morning and ended up coming home because my foot was in so much pain :( I wasn't very happy! So instead I went to yoga and stretched my legs out! I really am hating that my foot is not working very well :( 

After I got home from yoga, Fiance decided that we needed to get out of the house and do something fun since I was still bummed about my morning run failure. So, we decied to head to the park with Bruin and enjoy a game of soccer. I sat more and watched, while Bruin and Fiance ran up and down the field :) This was so much better than any run! :) 

He loves his soccer ball! 

My 2 favorite boys!

I was good support :)

Super thirsty!

After our game of soccer we came home and got ready because I was getting graduation pictures done that day! I am super excited to see them and share them all with you :) 

After my graudation pictures we decided we were definitely in need of a date and I wanted to do some shopping! We headed to the mall and lucky for Fiance we only hit up one store, but we we're there for a few hours! I love Express and can spend hours in there, and I did. But we made out with so much stuff and barely spent any money because of all the awesome sales :) so I was a happy camper! After our shopping trip it was time for our date! We chose to eat at Corner Bakery because I was graving soup :) 

My HOT date!!! 
Pondering life 
Our Dinner :)
2.5 seconds after we got our food!
Satisfied  and happy we are done shopping :)
After shopping we headed home and made sugar cookies and hot coco and enjoyed a movie :) It was a perfect night!!! 

I got to serve with the 4 year olds at church, went to a spin class, relaxed and was LAZY all day with fiance and enjoyed a night at church :) It was a perfect day!! 

I had such an amazing weekend :) Now it's time to conquer the next 2 weeks! Graduation is right around the corner!!!!! AHH! :) 

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