Sunday, November 7, 2010

class, game night, cocktails and single sunday

This weekend was full of things to do. I thought I would have a relaxing weekend, but then realized how busy I was.

My Saturday mornings are usually routine, I wake up at 7am eat breakfast, go online, read the news, catch up on my google reader, and make my to-do list for the day (I LOVE list, especially to-do list!), see I told you my life was boring exciting!

This Saturday morning was a lot different because I had an ACLS class to take at 9am. So I dragged got myself out of bed, quickly scarfed ate toast with peanut butter and banana, and set out on my 9 mile run.  I started training for my half-marathon this week, so Saturday was my first "long" run day. Those of you who know me, know 9 miles is pretty much nothing for me, but it's on the training plan, so I ran it. The training plan had me down for 9 miles at a 9:30 pace. Not my type of pace, I was itching to go faster, so I brought it up to a 9 minute mile. I was a little happier. My legs were feeling good, but my feet we're killing me, I am definitely due for some new running shoes. I usually change my running shoes out every 3 months because I put so much miles on them, so I think it's time to turn them in. Though my feet we're killing me, I really enjoyed my early morning run, I got to watch the sun rise and enjoy god's beauty!

Workout:  9 mile run at a 9:05 pace. 

After my run, I jumped in the shower, quickly got ready and inhaled ate a bowl of oatmeal with eggs and fruit and set off to to my ACLS class. I was dreading looking forward to spending 8 hours learning about advanced cardiac life support. I was extremely excited that a few of my awesome nursing friends would be taking the class with me :)  having them there made the class a lot more fun. I absolutely love my group of nursing friends!  The class was a lot fun, but contained so much information, by 5:00 my brain had turned off, I was literally on overload with how much information I was given. Let's just say, I hope none of my patients code the first day on the job! If they do, I've seen Scrubs so i'm pretty sure I can save a life! 

Once class was over, I was on information overload and starving. So fiance and I made dinner and ejoyed a night of relaxation!!!!! 

Sunday, is officially single sunday! Fiance is obsessed with fantasy sports so I usually lose him for a few hours at night so he can "fix" his team! But Sundays, I lose him all day!! We woke up Sunday morning and fiance headed off to his best friend's house for a day of football and I got ready to serve in our children's ministry at church, with some of the most adorable, loving and super four year olds!  After my shift, I headed off to the gym for a spin class! The rest of the day, I worked on facebook on my homework, then met the bestie for some yogaI closed off my night by re-uniting with my fantasy/sports obsessed fiance and headed off  to  church and for some delicious frozen yogurt.  

It's late and I need to get to bed. I have a run planned for the morning and some yoga! 
Good night!


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