Tuesday, November 30, 2010

coming to an end....

The end of the month is here and in a few short hours it will be December. Crazy!!!

 We had our senior presentations today and had to present them to the hospital where we did our preceptorship. I was lucky to have worked with such an amazing group for this project. Our group and project kicked so much butt. We did our project on nurses who wear there scrubs outside of the hospital, pretty serious topic. Not much research has been done but what we did find, is that a lot of nurses spread a lot of diseases this way. Gross huh?!? So the next time you see a nurse walking around in scrubs at the grocery store, think about where they just came from! I am sad though that is our last project ever for school, and in 11 days we will be graduating and embarking on a nursing profession (scary!). I have grown so close these past 3 years to so many amazing friends, I really am sad to see it coming to an end. For now, I will cherish these last few days I have with them! :)

Such an amazing group :) Love them! 


I made Nursing Honors! Woot Woot :)

After the hospital I headed home and had lunch (turkey sandwich on whole wheat with yogurt and berries and a handful of chips...shhhh!) and caught up on my google reader :)  Then I got ready for a sweat session at the gym! 

Pre-Gym Snack

Before Spin Class (Mind you, I don't usually look this, most of my attire is sweats and no makeup)

After 60 minutes of Spin! I am one sweaty beast!!!!!

Spinning is seriously intense!  Throughout the whole workout my legs are on fire, I'm cursing myself for even coming to such an insane class, beads of sweat are dripping off my face, I am making sounds only a dying animal would make, I feel like I am dying,  but in the end i absolutely love the way I feel! Spinning as become a love and addiction of mine, along with yoga and running. Of course nothing will ever come close to my obsession with running :) But I do love the challenge spinning has given me!  A lady also told me after spin class that I was a machine! She said I gave her motivation to go harder. That made my night :) I work hard and it's nice to have someone notice :) 

I'm getting super excited for tomorrow!! Tomorrow starts my 30 day yoga challenge I am so excited and nervous!! I hope all goes well :) I will keep you all updated! 

Fiance is tired and ready to get to bed, and I'm exhausted!!! 

nighty night! 


  1. First of all, I am OBSESSED with your outfit. You are adorable. What an interesting topic your group researched....I have never even thought of that. Oh how I love spin...I always leave a sweaty beast too:)

  2. Oh my gosh Val you look so skinny!!!!!!!! You look so pretty and amazing!!!!

    Congrats on finishing up school!! :)

  3. Hi, just found your blog! I completely agree with everything you said about running and spinning!