Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Goal for Love and Running

Today was exhausting! I woke up later than I wanted to and this little guy insisted I stayed snuggling with him, so I decided spending a little more time in bed wouldn't hurt ;) He is a great snuggler! I really don't know what happened with my rule of "No, dogs on the bed!" I blame fiance ;)

Once I decided to roll myself and a lazy 80lb boxer out of bed, we decided it was time for breakfast! I decided on a whole wheat English muffin sandwich with eggs, and turkey bacon and a side of fruit :) I sadly didn't take a picture, I decided to just enjoy this mornings breakfast and not take pictures :) I will get better at the pictures, promise! :)

After breakfast, I wrote my daily to-do list and got a good start on it! I LOVE the feeling of "crossing" things off my list all before 11 am ;) LOVE this iPhone app! How did I live without it?!?

After my productive morning, I decided to go for a run. I had a test today, and needed to run off some anxiety! It was a great run, the best run I've had in awhile. Lately I haven't felt like "me" on my runs. I feel really sluggish, fat and super slow! I think my body is just tired. I definitely need to get in more stretching and foam rolling. I just hope I can figure out why my runs have been "sucky." But today's run was awesome! Bruin even joined me :)

After my run, I made a post-workout shake (Almond Milk, Chocolate Powder and Banana) sorry no pictures! I promise I'll get better at this :) Then it was off to school to take the RN Predictor test!

After my test! Which took 2.5 hours and was complete with 180 questions (who's idea was that!)  I enjoyed some time with my awesome nursing friends and a  lovely cup of coffee!!

Since, I'm such a huge theme person, I am really trying to apply themes to the blog :) But i need your help I have a few days out of the week planned, I'm just stuck on what to do other days! Any advice or ideas?!? Anyone!!

My goal for Love and Running is for it to be a place where readers can be inspired! I want readers to be motivated to live a healthy and happy life! My mission is to encourage and support readers in hopes they will do the same! So, I figured I needed to think of some awesome ideas to get more readers interested! So any ideas are welcome :)

Monday: Motivational Monday
Tuesday:  ? 
Wednesday: Workout Tips
Thursday: Thankful Thursday
Friday:  ? 

I finally after a week, decided to publish Love and Running on facebook, so I am hoping this gets me some readers ;)

Side Note: I think I may have Plantar Fasciitis which I'm not to thrilled about!

Off to make dinner! I'm excited to share :)



  1. I was thinking the other day about how you have you lovely themes and maybe one day can be (like on Friday) Friendly Commplment day!

    I love when randome people come up to me and say oh I love your shoes, your hair looks so cute or you have a wonderful smile. This doesn't happy very often but when it does it sure makes my day because for that one moment someone saw ME and took time out of their day to let me know. I try to do this from time to time and well sometimes I get a tad bit to shy.

    Thoughts? :)


  2. Debs:
    that is such a great idea!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!! I will make Friendly Compliment day on Fridays!!! Awww thanks :) I just love love the idea!!! Thanks for reading my blog :)