Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve......

Can you believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I almost don't want it to be here, because I know it will be gone in a blink of an eye :( Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays besides Christmas :) 

I just love everything about Thanksgiving, family, food, and the love that fills the air. It really is a special day! I am looking forward to tomorrow and having a ton of delicious food to eat and being surrounded by all my family. I am super sad that Fiance won't be here with me on thanksgiving :( It's the first Thanksgiving since we've been together that we won't be together. He's visiting his parents in Arizona and I'm staying behind to have Turkey Day with my family. I will miss him tremendously! Luckily he will be home Friday night and we have a whole weekend together :) But this is our Last Thanksgiving being engaged next year we will be married! SO excited :) 

Today was busy!! I started my morning off with a lovely bowl of banana whipped oats and cinnamon coffee! 

Then it was off to the gym: 
I worked up a sweat!!! Has anyone done the stairmaster at the gym, I swear it looked like I jumped in a pool when I was done and I was only on it for 20 minutes. I also did a weight workout but my arms were really sore from last nights KB class with Bobbi, so I took it easy!!!

Then Bruin and I headed off on our walk. I knew if I was going to be busy cleaning all day he would need to be walked.....
Such a beautiful day to go for a walk!

After our walk we headed home to prepare for the day. Most of my cooking will take place tomorrow, so today was all about cleaning and getting stuff organized for tomorrows busy busy day! First step was to make the to-do list! Then I made our menu list and organized all ingredients (Yes, I am OCD!). 

-Deep Fried Turkey
-Corn Bread Stuffing
-Homemade Pumpkin Pie
-Homemade Pecan Pie
-Pecan Bars
-Mama's Famous Mashed Potatos
-Peach Cobbler
-I'm pretty sure there is more! :) 

The entire day I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I even cleaned the backyard since Fiance was at work ;) 

Luckily I had this little guy to help me!

The house now smells like cleaning products. I love it!  I love having a clean house, I can relax in (yes call me OCD) I cannot relax in a dirty house! So everything is ready for tomorrow! The cooking will start in the morning and go all day till dinner time. So excited! 

I am going to try and get a run in tomorrow morning, so I hope I can :) Now time to enjoy a clean house and this wonderful chilly Thanksgiving eve! 


  1. Love your backyard!! I hear ya on the clean house thats what I did today too!! I am teaching KB tonight again your up to THANKSGIVING!!!!

  2. Awww thanks! :) Right now it looks a little bad cause the dog decided he wanted to tear everything apart!! ohhhh KB tonight....i'm tempted....I also may do hot yoga, my body is craving it! Just so you know I'm now addicted to KB!!!!! I def. wanna go next week for sure :)

  3. YES!! That stairmaster is a killer!!! It's amazing though! :)