Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A change of pace......

I'm beat!!! All I can say is, I'm one exhausted girl! Let's just say today was a complete sweat fest! And I enjoyed every minute of it, now my body just wants to lay down and sleep, but first blog post :)

Today my training plan had me running 6 miles at a 8:30 pace, which is a pretty comfortable pace for me (of course there is moderate heavy breathing), but today my body thought differntly. My body was not liking that idea of a run one bit., it may have had something to do with yesterdays speed run ( I swear speed runs are the devil). Lately my body has been in some sort of running funk. Has anyone else felt like that?!? Usually, I'm ready to run and my body is craving a run. When I say craving a run, I mean it craves it like a diabetic bear craves honey. My body loves the satisfaction of hitting the pavement and working hard. Sadly this has not been the case the past few weeks, it really makes me sad. I pride myself on being a runner and athlete. So this being said, I have not been mentally into a run lately. I crave running, my body wants to do it, but when I lace my shoes up and hit the road my body starts screaming "NO" and I want to turn back after .5 of a mile. What is up with me!?!? I have never felt like this, I think I hit a runners wall and my plantar fasciities may have something to do with it. I'm not to happy about this, with only 8 weeks of training left. It's so weird, I wanna run, but physically and mentally, I can't :( like today's run, I set out for 6 miles at an 8:30 pace and figured I'd even do a 9:00 min pace if need be and not even .5 of a mile in I was stoppng and wanting to turn back. But, I pushed myself through and averaged a 9:30 :( Fiance says it was just a bad day, it's been more of a bad few weeks. I need my body to be back to it's running loving self, any ideas on how to do that?!?! :)

After my poopy 6 mile run. I figured what better way to cheer myself than with a cup of coffee and writing out a lovely to-do list! I have lots of stuff to get done before Turkey Day so a list was in order! Having a week off of school has really helped me get ready for the Holidays. I'm trying to not worry about next week and just focus on this week or even just focus on today, I have a tendancy to plan ahead with everything, I blame my type-A personality, but I'm trying to be more focused on the now  :)

Todays List:
-Run: Done
-Make Meal Plan for Turkey Day done
-Groceries done
-Target Trip done
-Hot Yoga done
-Blogger meet up with Bobbi from NHerShoes (she is awesome!!!) done
-Interval Class done
-Dinner done
-Relax with Fiance will be done as soon as I finish this post!

Needless to say today was productive and super busy! I got to meet with Bobbi from NherShoes and get some great blogging advice. She was so awesome and such a great help :) I had the best time. She also so kindly took me to her KB class tonight! Let's just say, I may not be moving tomorrow! This class was intense. Now, I run and I can run for miles, I can run like nobodys business, that's just who I am, a runner. I lift weights, I do yoga, when I train, I train hard, when I workout, I workout hard, I workout like an athlete,  I'm literally the girl in the corner lifting weights sweating, grunting, doing burpees, jump squats and mountain climbers. I don't mess around. But even with all of this, tonights KB class was intense!! I was dripping sweat like I had been in a sauna all day. This class was incredible, and I was so excited to get to try it! We started the class with a small jog around the room, and jumping rope. Then it all began, 60 minutes of burpess, mountain climbers, sprints, walking pushups, side shuffles, push ups, planks, crunches, squats, kicks and bag work. This is all stuff I do at the gym, the only difference when I do it at the gym, it's not for 60 minutes. This was just what my body needed. I have been hitting a fitness and weight plateu and I can't get my weight down, I think I just hit a stall. So todays class was what I needed, a change of pace. The best part about this class was the bag work! I take a Cardio Kickboxing class at my gym and I always leave sweating, but I have always wanted to do real kickboxing with bags.  Seriously, this was my favorite part of the whole class. I loved hitting and kicking the bag, the entire time I felt like a strong, empowered woman! It was the best feeling ever! I felt like I was beating up every bad thought in my mind, the you're to fat, you're not skinny enough, you should look like this, the school stress, wedding stress, life stress, just life in general. I felt like I was kicking butt and I was strong! My body seriously needed this, I needed a jump start on my fitness routine and I needed a jump start on mental routine :) After class I was a sweaty  beast, I felt strong, empowered and ready to take on the world, okay well more like take on the laudry pile that is growing in our laundry room, baby steps! Needless to say it was a great class, and it was the jump start I needed! I totally want to take it again! Thanks again Bobbi! You're the greatest!!! :) I wish I tooke pictures of my sweaty beast like self haha :)

Lucky for me these delicious guys we're waiting for me: I may or may not have added more to my plate

I may have had a few of these too, oh dear!! 

I will leave you with another amazing Nike Ad these Ads are amazing!


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