Friday, December 10, 2010

24 hours.....

In less than 24 hours I will be a college graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing! I still cannot believe this day is finally here! Feels like just yesterday I started the program and was taking care of my first patient now I'm graduating tomorrow and haven taken care of a million patients. 

Ask me "If I'm ready to take care of my own patients." Nope, not at all. But I know that will come with time :) Next on the agenda: pinning and passing boards (and finding a J-O-B)

I seriously am sorry for the lack of posting. I hate that I have not being blogging as much! Thank you for staying faithful my friends. Once all of the festivities of graduation are over I'll be back to my old blogging self :) 

Today was super busy! I started the day with a 9 mile run. Yes,  9 mile run! It's been 2 weeks since I've ran over 6 miles. It wasn't the best idea of mine, but I wanted to see what I could do. Especially with my Half-Marathon next month! I kept about a 7:30-8:30 pace. Not the best idea either,  speed and distance are not my best-friends at this moment! Needless to say, about mile 6, the pain in my foot came back and I slowed down a lot. But I had to make it back home :( I need manage to finish with a 9:00 pace. Not to bad, but it's slow for me. I was happy I made it through, but I know I need to keep off the speed and distance for awhile! I wasn't this happy when I got home! 

I saw this house on my run! I love the decorations!

Today was super busy!
-Clean House
-Shop with Parents
-Get Stuff ready for graduation

My To-Do list are always crazy!!! Luckily, I have awesome parents who help me :) 

While we were out buying everything we needed for the party, I picked up these little guys! I hate running with cold hands! 

Okay, I'm off to Hot Yoga!!! I may not be able to post tonight, I plan to spend time with fiance! But I promise to back soon!!!!! :) 


  1. Congrats on graduating!!! Good Luck on your half, I am totally getting the urge to run one after reading all these marathoner blogs.

  2. Congrats on graduating! I know nursing is no joke. I am in pharmacy school and health professional courses are hard! Good luck with everything ahead of you!

  3. congrats again! love the pre-run pic!

  4. So happy for you! WOW a 9 mile run. I hope to be able to get to that point. I really do want to get back to running and I WILL!

    I was on campus today working and when I looked out and saw morning graduation come out I knew you were in there somewhere! So happy for you Val!!!