Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 rounds of Christmas!

WOW! The last few days have been kind of a blur! I feel like I have been going non-stop since the day before Christmas Eve!  Between Christmas Eve, Christmas and traveling to Arizona I haven't had much time to post, but I have been reading ALL of your blogs :)

I didn't get much pictures between Christmas and Christmas Eve because I left my camera in my purse and just wanted to enjoy the day with my family!

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve started off with not so lovely 8 mile run!

I ended up feeling nauseous between miles 4 and 6. I never get sick on my run. Sure there is the occasional dizziness or slight tummy ache after a speedy run but after about 2 minutes I'm back to my old self. This was not the case for this run. I think I owe this nauseous feeling to Midol, I took it right before my run because I had such bad cramps and well ended up feeling sick. I did push through the 8 miles, nauseous and all. Fiance ended up picking me up as soon as I hit 8 miles. My time, and speed sucked but I finished.....

After my nauseous run, I knew I needed to do some yoga to keep with my 30 day yoga challenge. I didn't really feel like doing yoga with such an upset tummy but I needed to stretch and continue with my challenge. 

I ended up doing  20 minutes of Yoga for Runners in front of the Christmas Tree! 

Christmas Eve is always a big deal in my family! My entire family gets together, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, friends, pets, everyone! We have always celebrated big on Christmas Eve so Christmas morning/day you had with your immediate family! We have always done gift exchanges but we just recently started doing themed Christmas'. Last year's theme was Hawaiian themed, this years themed was sports themed and the gift exchange was "As seen on Tv" gifts!

Our food is based on the theme, so this year since the theme was Sports we went for a tailgating menu! Anything that is found while tailgating was on our menu!

Food Menu:  
-Hot Dogs
-Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I didn't eat much of the food because my tummy was still upset. I did manage to eat a million hand fulls of Cheeze-its and cookies!

During the gift exchange I did manage to win; The amazing brownie maker and a box of brownies :)

Santa also came to visit (I didn't get any pictures this year!) My dad dresses like Santa every year and gives everyone a small gift :) It's a real hit with the younger kids :)

Christmas morning is my favorite because my mom always makes homemade biscuits and gravy! Yummy!!! That woman sure can cook :)

Before I inhaled every morsel of food she made me; I headed out on a quick 5 mile run, luckily I had no nauseous feelings, came home did 20 minutes of yoga and showered and threw my pajamas back on :) Then it was time to open presents! 

Bruin even got presents :)
Bruin's present after 30 seconds
My ornament from Fiance :) 

Awesome :)

I was so excited about my garmin I headed out on another run! This time with fiance and puppy in tote! We did a small 3 mile run at a very slow pace!

Then it was home for another shower and off to Round 2 of Christmas with Fiance's family! I absolutely adore Fiance's family! He has the best family (besides mine of course) ever!

We had traditional food for dinner :)

-Mashed Potatoes
-Green Bean Casserole

I seriously made up for my lack of appetite on Christmas Eve. I was so stuffed I felt sick! The food was so yummy!

Then it was more presents! No pictures I left my camera in the car! We got lots of stuff, Disneyland gift cards, money, movie tickets, running clothes (for me), clothes (Fiance), and lot's of stuff in our stocking bags! Fiance's amazing grandma has made everyone in the immediate family a stocking and every year your stocking is filled well seeing as I'm not quite married yet (though we say we are it's been 6.5 years!) I haven't officially gotten a stocking but I did get a bag full of all the stocking stuffers next year I will have a stocking ;) 

The rest of Christmas was spent eating cupcakes and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, stuffing our faces more, taking pictures, explaining to fiance's family why I will never have a baby and will remain a virgin forever ( I made a promise when I was 12 to remain pure till marriage) because of my labor and delivery rotation and how I saw a real baby be born (you don't come back from that), there is nothing beautiful about a baby being born (to much information), more laughs, more eating and spending quality time together! Love his family! 

Enjoying Their Christmas Presents :)

Round 3 of Christmas (Sunday)!

Sunday after Christmas, I woke up served in my children's ministry at church, then fiance picked me up and we headed off to Arizona to see his parents for round 3 of Christmas!

No pictures :( Sorry guys!!

Our 8 hour trip included:
-Lot's of food
-Naps (for me not fiance he was driving, that would have been unsafe)
-Explaining to fiance my love for Brit-Brit (Britney Spears)
-Potty Breaks (cause Im a fish and drink a gallon of water an hour!)
-Explaining that if I don't eat every 2 hours I will die
-More food trips
-More food

Finally we arrived in Arizona around 6pm. We had a nice dinner with his awesome, amazing, wonderful parents :)
opened more presents, watched "the sound of music" then headed off to bed!

I woke up early and did a lovely speedy 6 mile run on the ever so annoying treadmill! I truly hate the treadmill, but I needed to get a run in! We had breakfast, and took a tour of the in-laws new job!

You see, Fiances dad was a lawyer out here in good ol' California and this passed summer they moved out to Arizona for an amazing opportunity God had bestowed upon them! For as long as I have been dating fiance (6.5 years), his parents have volunteered along with their church at a facility called Rainbow Acres! It's an amazing facility!! Rainbow Acres is an assisted living facility for mentally handicapped people. It is truly amazing and you see god working in it everyday! Well, this past summer fiance's dad gave up being a lawyer and followed God's planned and took a job as Assistant Director of the facility! So now they reside in Arizona :)

After our tour we headed back home to California. Yes we only stayed one night! Fiance had to work on Tuesday so we had to be back home but we also wanted to see his parents so we made the trip down :) Yeah we win for awesome son and daughter in law ;)

Another 8 hour trip included:
-lots of singing
-Eye Alaska
-Potty Stops
-amazing quality time with fiance

On our way home, I figured if fiance drove fast enough I could make it to Hot Yoga! And I made it just in time, fiance dropped me off, then did some grocery shopping while I did yoga and picked me back up :)
After an 8 hour drive, Hot yoga was so needed!

We we're exhausted once we finally got home and unpacked! We hit the hay at 9:30!!!

Some of the Awesome Presents from Christmas included (but not limited to)!
-Garmen 305
-Diamond Tennis Bracelet
-Running Clothes
-Gift Cards
-Toms Shoes
-Manduka Yoga Mat
-Kettle Bell (AWESOME!)
-Lots of other stuff :)

We still have lot's to do this lovely Tuesday: We're meeting some of Fiance's cousin's for dinner at Downtown Disney for dinner tonight! I did manage to squeeze in an 8 miler and Hot Yoga. I can't believe my race is in 3 weeks...!! This week I am also "getting back to myself week." Between all the junk food, food that my body is not used to, I need to get back to myself :)

 I hope we get some resting time this week :(

Are you getting any relaxing time? 


  1. Geeze Val.... I am tired just reading everything you have been doing.... but then again, I am old...lol... Sounds like you and Kris had an amazing Holiday. That is great!!! I have been working every day and will finally have a relaxing day on Sunday! I am going to see Gramita. I can't wait to relax! I love you!!

  2. Good for you for gettin' your work out on on Christmas Day! It snowed where my mom lives on Christmas, so I wimped out and skipped my run. :) HOORAY for your Garmin... isn't it awesome?! So glad you had a great Christmas!

  3. Looks like you had an eventful Christmas!! I love how your pup chews the hell out of his toys. My pup does the same thing. I'm so jealous of your Garmin! Tell us how you like it! I would love one, one day!

  4. Wow you had a very busy Christmas! You're so blessed!!!