Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year.......

Sorry for only doing one post this past week :( I hope I didn't lose any readers. Things got super busy around here! 

Ended the new year yesterday with my own personal half-marathon, 13.1 miles.  It was my last run for 2010 and my last long run till race day! 

I also completed my 31 day yoga challenge! I can't believe the challenge is finally complete! It truly was an amazing challenge :) and I would totally do it again! I loved the way my body felt with yoga, though I hated always having to squeeze in 20 minutes of yoga on days I was super busy. Though my body truly did benefit from this challenge. Now that the challenge is over and I will begin review sessions for boards, I'll be going back to yoga 3xs a week :) 

I rang in the New Year with my bestie Kristen and her family, along with fiance by my side. It was pretty low key but a lot of fun! I absolutely adore her family :) We enjoyed lot's of yummy food (and drinks! It was a fabulous night :) 

I was happy I got to ring in the new year with a new years kiss from my amazing guy ;) 
okay not an accurate new years kiss but you get the point ;)

With a new year comes a new set of resolutions! I love the feeling of starting fresh and new! I love having the opportunity to strive to be a better person :) I'm not a big resolution person but I do love me some goals ;) I am very goal driven and love having goals to complete, it gives me a sense of accomplishment :) I am open to change because I know my life is not in my hands but in God's hands and what he says goes plus I'm pretty sure his plans are better than mine ;) 

Before I set forth with my 2011 goals, I thought I would revisit my 2010 goals!

1. Run a sub 1:45 half-marathon: Done!! Ran the Disney Half Marathon September 2010 with a time of 1:41!!!!!

2. Get a puppy! Yes, this was a goal of mine :) I was determined to get a puppy so I would have a running partner! I got Bruin as a Christmas present but he came home early 2010 ;) 

3. Start doing yoga 2xs a week. I started doing yoga in July at a studio near my house and absolutely fell in love with it. I go at least 3xs a week sometimes more :) 

4. Stress Less! Fail! I didn't do well at this goal, I am a huge stress case and with nursing school it was hard not to stress!

5. More family time: It's gotten better, it's really hard to pull myself away from the books and spend time with my family. I had to miss birthday parties, dinners, family time because of studying and projects. I hope to do better this year!

6. Find a woman's study group: I found one at the end of the year (November) and absolutely LOVE it. This group of woman are truly amazing! 

7. Date Night Once a week: We didn't completely fail, but we didn't do date night once a week. We are going to try to do more dates this year because I love time with Fiance ;) 

8. Graduate College: DONE! DONE! DONE!!! Graduate with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing on December 11, 2010 :)

9. Graduate with Nursing Honors; DONE and DONE :)

10. Stop worrying about how I look and learn to accept who I am: Still struggling with this one! 

With a new year comes a fresh new clean start!! The GOALS for 2011 are: 

1. Read more of my bible  and write in my prayer book
2. Spend more alone time with God
3. Date Nights must happen once a week
5. Find a job and be a Nurse
6. Be a better woman of god
7. Strive to be a better fiance and wife
8. Study for Boards (and pass!!!)!!!!
9. Blog more!!!! I want to do more with my blog this year, increase blog traffic and find a place in the blogworld ;) I also want to keep motivating people to live a healthy, happy life :) 

I'm truly looking forward to 2011 and so excited to see what GOD has in store for us :) 

What are YOUR new years goals? Please share :) 


  1. I'm still here!

    Your goals are great! Can't wait to follow you and read all about them in the next year!

    Happy new year!

  2. your goals sound fantastic!!! i can't wait to see you get married!!!

  3. still here too:) I am seriously SO impressed that you finished the yoga challenge!

    blogged my resolutions here: