Monday, December 6, 2010

Bad Blogger......

I am so sorry! From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry for the lack of post and updates. This past weekend has been crazy! 

I'll make this post short but catch you all up on everything, and post more tonight! I'll just give you a quick recap of this weekend!  

This past weekend, was crazy because it was graduation weekend. Here is a picture re-cap!

Started the day with a 6 mile run, and a quick ab workout, then it was senior presentation time and I ended my night with some sweaty hot yoga with fellow blogger friend Bobbi :) I'm such a nerd because I got a bloody nose in the middle of yoga..booo! Don't laugh! :)

Love these gorgeous ladies! 

Best group ever :)

Cutest Cupcakes ever
 Nursing Cookies


The day began with a 7 mile run and yoga! I also surprised fiance with his Christmas Gift. Yes I know Christmas is not for another 19 days but it was imperative that he got his gift early! You see I bought fiance an iphone for Christmas. He bought me my iPhone this summer when the iphone 4 came hour but insisted he didn't need a new phone and was happy with his stupid non-smart phone. He's been having problems with his phone but didn't want to get a new one. Well I bought him the phone a few weeks ago, and on Friday his phone finaly died so he got his present early! He was super excited. He deserves it :) He now has fantasy football on his phone, I may have lost him for good.....

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for the 2nd Annual Nursing Christmas/Graduation Party!! It by far was the best party ever! I didn't even get pictures of the delicious food (bad blogger, I know!) We had tacos, rice, chips, bean dip, cookies, a million desserts. We know how to throw a party! 

I slept in! I didn't go to bed till 3 am on saturaday night (well, more like sunday morning!) So I rested. I also went to spinning and completed  Day 5 of my Yoga Challenge :) We ended the night with Church  and Frozen Yogurt and went to bed early! 

Sorry, this post is so short! I have lots of studying to do. I have my last final of my nursing and undergraduate career tomorrow. I promise to catch back up :) 



    I kept checking to see i fyou had posted anything and figured that you must have been very busy!!! :) Same thing happened with me!

  2. Good luck studying! Looks like a fun weekend :)