Monday, December 6, 2010

Studying and Sweating!

Sorry for the lack of post this weekend and today. I meant to do full re-caps of my senior presentation day and of the 2nd Annual Nursing Christmas Party but sadly, I've been swamped with studying, that I haven't been able to sit down and blog :( 

I was able to start the morning off with a 6 mile run which was nice. I finally got my pace up to an 8:30 pace, my foot still hurts if I try and go faster and hurts if I go farther but I'm learning to deal with the lack of speed and distance. I am trying not to think about my race next month and the fact that my mileage is taking an extreme cut back. I know I'll be fine physically, I'm in pretty good shape and I've ran a half-marathon with only 7 days of training before, so I'm not to worried (plus I'm not trying to PR). I'm just worried about being mentally ready. The lack of mileage and speed is making me feel like I won't survive the race.  I just have to stay positive! 

After my lovely run, I spent the remainder of the day at my desk studying for my last final of my nursing/undergraduate career! Crazy! I just hope I pass tomorrow =/

I finally took a break and cleared my mind with Hot Yoga! It was just what I needed, I was able to sweat out all my stress and clear my head. Today was Day 6 of my Yoga challenge! I'm really enjoying this challenge. My body needed this re-charge. Lately, I haven't been looking forward to my runs at all. I think I'm mentally and physically burnt out. I'm enjoying the little break from running and being able to concentrate on yoga!

After Hot Yoga

Okay, back to studying! I promise I'll be a better blogger when I'm done with finals! 


Question: Do you ever get burnt out from things? How do you change things up? 


  1. Good luck with all that studying. Love the pic after hot are amazing. I am worried about your careful. Stupid injuries ha! I definitely get burnt out from spinning but never running:)

    P.S. We are twins...we have all the same favorites, made my day!

  2. Hi Val! Thanks for following me! I am happy you did because it's so awesome to see your faith shine though in your blog. It makes me smile that the Lord has put yet another person in my path to help me on my own Christian journey.

    When are you getting married? I just got married in October and LOVED planning for it. We had a huge wedding so if you ever need planning advice, I'm your woman!! Have a great day!

  3. Debs said-

    Where do you go for yoga? I sweat but NOTHING like that!

  4. Debs said-

    Where do you go for yoga? I sweat but NOTHING like that!

  5. Hot yoga is the best. When I have to study a lot I usually go to hot yoga as my workout break. If I'm dreadming studying and dreading running, I'm not going to want to do either. This way at least if I don't want to study, I can take a hot yoga break and get a workout in while still unwinding for a few hours.