Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bestie Gift Exchange!

This morning was a rough one, I did not want to get out of bed! I didn't get much sleep last night because I felt like my uterus was being pulled out of my body, my lovely "that time of the month friend" decided to start, yes 2 days before Christmas, stupid body! To much information?!?, Fiance thinks I shouldn't tell you that, but I figure we're all friends :)

 I feel so sluggish, gross and extremely fat when it's that time of the month :( I don't think eating brownies and cookies every night is helping with the fat feeling, I should really stop eating so many sweets. I wish I hated sweets! I think my love for them steams from the fact I deprived myself from sweets for so many years, now I can't get enough of them, my waistline and pants are not happy with the fact, I have had sweets every night for the last week :( I usually have awesome self control, but the holidays have got the best of me!

Besides being in complete pain and my uterus falling out of my body, I was excited for the day becasue  my bestie and I were having a gift exchange :)

I wonder what we got each other!
So excited to see what's inside?!?!
Oh what could it be?!?!
It's a Manduka Pro Yoga Mat! (She has an awesome best friend who bought that for her!)
yay!!! I got one too!
Okay so, we both knew what we were getting each other :) We bought them the same day but decided to wait closer till Christmas to give them to each other! We figured it was the perfect gift, since we started doing yoga together this summer and practice at least 3 times a week together, why not buy each other a yoga mat! And not just any yoga mat, the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat! Yes, I have an awesome bestie!! :) 
First time using our Mats :) We even had Christmas Music to practice today in Hot Yoga!
That's my best friend!! I stick to Running she does Hand Stands :)
After Yoga, I decided to head off into the mess of the retail world and search for fiances Christmas gift. I also had to find him an ornament. We have been doing an ornament exchange with each other since our first Christmas in 2004! I really like our tradition. Luckily after 3 hours, I found a Christmas gift and ornament. Fiance is seriously the hardest man to shop for. He never wants anything and thinks I should use all the money on me (seriously he thinks like that!) and if I beg him for a list I usually only get socks and undershirts out of him. REALLY?!?!?! So this Christmas was no different, I went to 3 different stores but finally found something perfect for him but sadly I can't show you because he reads my blog ;)

After beating Holiday Traffic I finally made it home and with a bunch of goodies! I plan to do a lot of baking :) 

I'm off to begin my baking of goodies!! :) xoxo

Do you and your significant other have traditions?!?!


  1. You two are so cute!! I love that you got each other the same thing!

  2. Love your new mats! I so want to try hot yoga one of these days!!