Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away.....

please come again another day....!!

The rain has been non-stop for 5 days in good ol' southern California and today was the worst it has been! Landslides, road closures, bridge collapsed, non stop rain. It's crazy out here!  And of course, I don't stay home in all this craziness!

First, since it's been raining so much Bruin has been inside and he is going crazy! And it doesn't help that our backyard has a terrible drainage system and is now flooded. So a flooded backyard and non-stop rain leads to a very active dog who has terrible gas because he refuses to poop outside, yes my dog hates to poop in the rain, do you blame him?! So finally this morning (of course the worst rainy day all week) it stopped raining for a bit so Bruin and I headed out on a walk.

Wondering if heading out, is a good idea?!?!
Of course the last 5 minutes of our walk, we get caught in a downpour and have to run home (I'm wearing yoga pants and boots, not the best running gear!) we finally arrived home drenched and cold. A rainy walk was worth it since poor bruin had been locked inside all week. I bet we were a sight to see running home in the rain ;) 

Since it was raining I knew a run outside would be out of the question, so I figured I would hit the gym for a run on the treadmill (boo!) but then the rain decided to turn into a non-stop storm and bring on landslides, road closures and flooding of streets. Fiance didn't want me to drive anywhere (had he not been working he said he would have drove me anywhere, isn't he sweet!) since he wasn't home and I was determined to get a run in, I headed out in the storm to the gym! 

Gym Workout
6 miles in 50 minutes (First speedy run in awhile!) 
20 minutes on the Stair master 
Results after my workout (ignore the chubbiness)

Seriously? Who sweats this much?!?!?! (ignore the belly: I'm trying to lose it =/ )

Then it was off to hot yoga. Today was not my best day in yoga. My legs we're killing me and my body just felt tired, everything seemed so hard, so I took it very easy! 

The rest of the day, I stayed home and caught up on stalking reading all of your blogs and staying dry and safe in our house. I also made a list of things I will be baking tomorrow :) I'm super excited, I love baking! I also had to make a shopping list for tomorrow...I still need to get Fiance his Christmas Gift =/ I did get him an iPhone, but I want him to have something to open on Christmas morning. I just love Christmas and I know it's not about gifts but I love peoples faces when they open up presents :) 

I'm still trying to figure out my blog....I feel like I am everywhere, and everything is repetitive =/ 

Fiance is home after a long day so we are going to cuddle on the couch and enjoy "Easy A" ;)
night night


  1. Hey! I just found your blog this week...and noticed that your first FULL Marathon will be the San Diego Marathon in June. Mine too! :) Just wanted to say hello and congrats on your recent graduation! Do you having a training plan set up yet for the marathon? I am just starting to research and decide which plan to follow...any ideas? Thanks!

  2. I hear you on the figuring out the blog thing, I feel like I am all over the place sometimes, too. And my writing/topics have changed so much since I began it three months ago. Still trying to find my groove with it :D

    Though I tend to think, ehh it's my blog, this is whats on my mind, so this is what I will write :)

    Good Luck in your upcoming half!

  3. YOU DO NOT HAVE A BELLY!!!! You are beautiful! I cant wait to get back and get my butt in the gym with you :)

  4. Girl, you do not have a "belly!" You are tiny. And gorgeous! And I think your blog is great! Sometimes "all over the place" is the best way to be! :)