Friday, December 17, 2010

Surprise Lunch Dates...

This morning I did an 8 mile run and guess what.....I did it at an 8:30 pace. Say What?!?! My injured gimpy self was able to keep an 8:30 pace the whole 8 miles, I even managed a few 6:30 and 7:00 minute miles for awhile (what?!?). I wanted to run more, but I am trying not to push myself to much! The pain in my foot is still there and it makes me sad because I have to watch my speed and distance but I am working around the pain ;)

I got to wear my awesome new gloves! I'm such a wimp when it comes to the cold! Sorry for the blurry image! 

Lunch today was....drum roll please.........good ol' Tuna! Yes, I know I am boring and most of my eats consist of tuna, fruit and oatmeal..I never said I was interesting :) I decided to eat my yummy tuna salad with crackers, and an orange and peach on the side! Fiance was home for lunch and had 2 burger patties on toasted sourdough bread with french fries, I may have stolen some fries and a few bites of his burger ;) 

I was super excited for lunch today because not only was I eating tuna but fiance came home for lunch today :) We never get lunch dates but he was in the area today and decided to surprise me and came home for lunch :) Isn't he the best! I figured you didn't want to see pictures of tuna and hamburgers so I didn't take any! 

Such a hottie! ;) 

Since I didn't post yesterday (sorry, bad blogger!) I want to catch you up on what the day was filled with:

-Spin Class
-20 min on the stair master ( I look like a sweaty animal on this machine, I may be grunting like one also)
-Hot Yoga
-Shopping with the Bestie for the most perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater for Woman's Group!

The bestie and I had a hot sweaty yoga date scheduled in the afternoon and after our sweaty yoga session we decied to head to two stores we knew would have ugly christmas sweaters....wal-mart and the dollar tree store! 

We found two basic sweaters and awesome socks to wear, now all we needed was the accessories to make our sweaters super we picked lots of obnoxious stuff from the dollar tree store. 

Our Awesome Sweaters!

I just love my bestie! We had such a great time decorating our sweaters! We even won for ugliest sweaters! Yeah, we rock :) 

Okay friends, it's back to my to-do list!
 wrapping presents and getting stuff done around the house (and I need to look for a job lol)! I kind of like this stay at home wife role ;) 

Have you ever been to an ugly Christmas sweater party!

I have no idea what direction my blog is going in LOL :) I feel like I am everywhere! Any suggestions! :)


  1. I LOVE THE UGLY SWEATERS, you are absolutely adorable! Lunch dates are the best and I eat so so much tuna ha! Yay for such a great speedy run, I hope the foot pain stays away for good! I hope you get your garmin and fro-yo gift cards:)

  2. I am loving eveything about your blog! keep it up girly! Your theme is perfect!