Friday, December 17, 2010

Free Friend Friday

Today I spent the day wrapping presents, I didn't get as much done as I would hope ( I have a severe case of ADD!) and moved on to different projects, I get bored wrapping stuff up.I also didn't get much wrapping done, because I was reading one of the Christmas Gifts I was supposed to be wrapping. We bought my father-in-law the new George W. Bush Book "Decision Points" (Fiance bough it in hopes that if his dad doesn't want it, he'll kindly give it to him. Fiance is a political buff-major political buff-he plans to run for mayor, Governor and president one day. Vote Kowalski 2020!) So back to the book, we bought his father in law this book and I as I began to wrap it, I decided to read one page and see what it was all about, well about half way through the book, I realized it is probably against Christmas law to be "using" someones Christmas gift. I like to think of it as "editing" our Christmas gifts...making sure everything is perfect for the gift receiver. Fiance didn't buy that one...oh well! :) 

My Gift Wrapping Fuel..these are healthy right?!?!
The gift I was editing 

After my lack of gift wrapping and gift "editing" I figured it was type for a much needed break ;) What else is better than a hot yoga break?!? It was also free friend Friday at yoga tonight and I brought my friend Christina and Fiance :) Yup, I dragged fiance to a class, I wanted him to see what I've been up to while I go practice's no walk in the park. Every time we were in down dog he would look at me and say "You are crazy, how do you do this?!?!" Yup, I'm pretty fantastic ;) I'm so happy fiance got to join me in yoga and see what I'm up while I'm not home plus what better way to spend a day date than doing yoga and sweating like crazy ;) The couple that sweats together stays together! Though I don't think we will be sweating together to long! I think fiance will stick to fantasy sports, sports in general and politics and leave the running, spin classes and yoga to me, it's okay I love his support in all I do, while I support him in all he does! I also was super excited Christina joined, it's so awesome sharing an addiction with friends and plus I just love her! 

seriously, I need to stop wearing the same shirt to work out, someone get this girl some workout clothes!
Fiance is exhausted! So off to bed! 

Do you and your significant other have the same hobbies or different hobbies! 

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  1. Oh my gosh I can't get Husband to do any type of workouts with me. But I'm hoping that he will one day!

    I LOVE how you were reading tbe book when you were suppose to make it pretty! LOL