Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to "life"

One of my New Years goals was to have date night once a week and we did just that last night :)

We had planned to eat at Lucilles this amazing BBQ place but decided to do that another day and stay close to home. We didn't feel like driving to far. We ended up at Panera ( I wasn't complaining!) for dinner, which I LOVE! We also enjoyed a movie.

I was so happy to finally go out and enjoy a date night with the boy. We have been so busy we haven't actually had us time. So it was nice to go out and enjoy each others company. I love spending time with fiance.

In the Theater...sorry for the crappy quality apparently an iPhone 4 doesn't take the best pictures in a movie
Our yummy treats
Date night is never complete without Frozen Yogurt ;)

Today I am officially getting back into the "swing of things." It feels good to get back to "life" after a whirlwind of holidays, junk food, and sugar highs my body is craving "normal." I only function off routines and schedules, so I am officially glad to be back to my to-do list, exercising, eating healthy, normal sleep schedules, and life.

 The biggest thing in my life right now is studying for boards and passing them. So for the next month in a half my entire life will be dedicated to studying my little toosh off! Everyday! I know I am going to stress out, freak out, cry, and wonder what I am doing but this to shall pass, I got through nursing school, I can do this. As much as I am scared about boards, it's nice to get back to organizing my life and what I need to do. I thrive off organization, routines, and schedules. So back to life i go......

On today's agenda:
-Serve in the Children's ministry
-Spin Class
-Start studying for Boards
-Movie night with Fiance

I hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday :)

Now that the Holidays are over, do you have to get back  to "Life"?


  1. Love date nights!! And bummer about Lucilles! I love that place, especially the Chicken!! There's one in Victoria Gardens near my place! We go there often.

    I can't WAIT to get back to life. I'll let you, you'll feel even more like that after your wedding. We just got married 2 months ago and it's nice to have lazy weekends again, be able to spend money on things like food instead of saving for the wedding, and just not stressing about wedding planning. Don't get me wrong, I had a BLAST and I'm uberobsessed with weddings, but it's nice to get back to "life"!

  2. I love getting back to routine. The holidays were so bad for my eating!

  3. date nights are the best!

    I'm happy to get back to work and finall get back to school. I'm honestly happy the holidays are over. Too much food!

  4. Okay I LOVE the date night idea!! Candy and fro-yo...can I come with you guys next time?!?! Girl, you are GOING TO ROCK YOUR BOARDS!!! Good luck are so dedicated and simply brilliant and beautiful....that doesn't happen very often:) Thank you for the sweet comments, you made my day!! Can we just be bff's! Oh, and it is nice to get back in the swing of things...I am finally off of my sugar high:)

  5. Good luck on your boards! I was a nursing student for 2 years before switching to dietetics, so I know how hard it is. It's worth it though.