Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pre-race fun!!

Hello loves!!!

I'm getting so excited about tomorrow's race :) I'm just excited to not stress about a race and for the first time not worry about a time ;)

I can't believe this is my 7th half-marathon!!

So today fiance and I headed off on a 6 hour road trip trip to arizona for the Arizona Rock and Roll Half!

My hot driver ;)

After about an hour of driving we needed lunch!!!

Fiance enjoyed unclean food a mcdonalds hamburger

While I enjoyed a bowl of yogurt with berries

And a delicious turkey sandwich ;)

I also got to catch up on my reading ;)

I stayed hydrated! Note to self: hydrating on a 6 hour car ride, not a good idea=a million potty stops

Yummy snack

More snacks ;)

I even made a running playlist :)

candy is carbo loading, right?!?

After 6 hours and a billion potty stops we made it to the expo

So excited :)

Then dinner at PF Changs!

I am so full right now and exhausted!

I'm trying hard not to feel guilty about dinner. But to be honest I'm having a tough time. We ate out last night for fiancé's birthday and now tonight. I'm not a huge fan of eating out. I don't want it to bother me but it is and I know it's going to screw me up mentally friends :)

Were off to bed!!!

Ahhh I'm so excited. I love races :)

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  1. great road snacks!! and i LOVE Fitness magazine!

  2. How long was that drive Val? Eating and magazines are my way to get through anything!!