Friday, January 14, 2011

Last Run and a Birthday

Today was my last official run before the Arizona Rock and Roll Half! It was hard to get into it mentally, I think I'm burned out! But once I started going, I was good :)  I even picked up little Bruin for the last 3 miles:

5 miles
1 mile @ 11:00
3 miles @ 8:30
1 mile @ 11:30

It was a very easy and light run! Luckily I had Britney and M.J. to keep me company on my run! (yes, I am a Britney spears and Michael Jackson fan!) 

I can't believe I'm running my 7th Half Marathon!!

Lot's left to do before race weekend officially begins! We're not leaving till tomorrow since fiance has to work tomorrow morning :( We will definitely be cutting it short on making it to the Race Expo! I have to be there by 6pm to pick up my stuff....I sure hope we make it; 1) because I LOVE race expos and 2) I NEED to pick up my race information.....

To Do:
-Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!!! ! 
-Hot Yoga
-Organize all my racing gear
-Make a racing play list (very important)
-Make notes for Bruin (my parents are watching him!)
-Relax and realize that I have trained and I can make it through this race ;) 
-Birthday Dinner for Fiance ;)

Today is also Fiance's Birthday!!! He turns the big 25 today :) He's at work but we plan to go have dinner tonight :) I just love love love Birthdays and I cannot wait to celebrate tonight!! I do feel bad that he is spending his birthday weekend driving me to my race =/ he surely is the best :) I can't believe it's his 7th birthday we're celebrating together :) 

I hope to have me some chubby white/mexican babies ;)

Happy Birthday to my amazing, funny, loving, caring, HOT, wonderful Fiance!!! You are truly are amazing and I am ever so lucky to have you!! 

Why I love you :)

Your big heart: you're just so loving!
Your intelligence: Love our "smart" conversations! Love that you can always educate me on everything and anything!
Your drive to succeed: Always always you are striving to do better and improve yourself. I mean who else dreams of being President one day ;)
Your faith in God: I love that you strive to be the man and husband god wants you to be
You're hardworking: even though life is poopy job wise and you're not working your "dream job" I know it will happen one day but for now, you continue to work hard for us and our family!!
Your respect for me and anyone else you meet: You respect me and the decisions i've made for myself and I thank you for that especially the one about waiting till marriage, not a lot of guys would do that. And always respecting those who seriously don't deserve it! 
Your love for ME: I mean who else can love my Mexican crazy self ;) 

Of course there is a million more reasons why I Love this man and cannot wait to be his wife, but why bore you with mushy stuff!! :) 

I'm off to Hot Yoga then Dinner tonight with my super HOT man :) 

Have a fabulous Friday!!!!!!

What are your weekend Plans?


  1. Good luck on you Half Mary!! You've run so much already, could you be ready for a full one soon? :) You can do it buddy!!

    Happy Birthday to your love! He seems like a great guy! And he's very lucky to have you too!

    This weekend, I'll be spending q-time with my family and of course my hubs! :)

  2. Good luck on your race! You are going to do great. By any chance did your fiance grow up in North County...that picture of him looks really familiar to me!