Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Busy Bee with an Injury!

This morning has been busy! I woke up after a wonderful nights sleep, which was very much needed. I feel more like me again :) I woke up, made a wonderful bowl of Apple Cinnamon Oats, and put my together my to-do list for the day! Lot's to do today.....

I seriously LOVE the To-Do app on my iPhone :)

After breakfast I headed off on my morning run. Today's training day called for a speed run. Since my foot hasn't been feeling to great, because of the Plantar Fasciitis, I decided to just head out on a run and see what I could do. I ended up turning my run into a speed/tempo run. I alternated my pace from a  6:55-8:00! I worked hard today and ended up doing 8 miles =/ not on purpose. The goal was 5 miles.  I ended up picking up Bruin at the end of my run and he had so much energy that he needed to run some of it off, silly puppy! Now, my foot is paying for it :( I think this weekends long run won't be happening :(  I am not to happy about this injury! In the 3 years I have been running, nothing like this has happened, and it's hurting me mentally and physically. I don't wanna stop running but I need to cut my miles down and stop running for awhile, before I hurt myself more. Especially with a half-marathon in 2 months! Pray for me guys!! Any advice on how to heal?!?

After my run I enjoyed a delicious post-run shake ( I also added in some chocolate powder!)

I decided a Strawberry Salad (of course inspired by: Panera's DELICIOUS salad) would be for lunch :) 

In the mix
-Romaine Lettuce
-Iceberg Lettuce
-8 strawberries
-1 bell pepper
-1 cucumber'
-baby carrots
-1 breast of chicken
-2 tsp of Trader Joes Poppy Seed Dressing

I paired this lovely salad with vegetable soup!

Okay, time to grab a snack, and finish my to-do list! Look for a  Wednesday Workout-Tip post later today :) 



  1. So now that I have a blogspot..I can actually comment you! I love your strawberry salad. You know, if I keep reading, I might even get inspired to be more healthy! :]

  2. get that injury healed up wilson!!

  3. Oh! Be careful! You have to heal up girly!


  4. I was inspired by this post to download a to-do app on my newly acquired iphone and I'm absolutely loving it! It makes me feel more productive which is always nice when your schedule can be overwhelming. Thanks for opening my eyes to this app!!