Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge

HBBC LogoHello my amazing friends!!!! So I decided to join the 2010 Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge!! I have been following Amanda's blog: Run to the Finish for over a year now! She seriously has such an amazing blog, she is one of my motivations for starting my very own blog, Love and Running :) I didn't participate last year because I didn't have a blog, you can still participate if you don't have a blog (via; facebook and twitter) but I always felt I would do better with the challenge if I had a blog! So, I am today and I am officially joining the challenge! I am so excited. I cannot wait to earn points! :) Hopefully you lovely readers can help motivate me!!!

Here is what Amanda says about the challenge:
The 3rd annual Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge is here!!  We have had over 120 participants for the last two years and I expect even more this year.  The goal of HBBC is to provide a little additional motivation to stay active and make good choices throughout the holiday season.  The stats say the average American may gain at LEAST 5lbs…but even if you gain 2lbs and don’t lose it that adds up each year. 

You can find more details and how to join at RunToTheFinish:


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