Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oak Glen, Shopping and Date Night!

Most of my weekend was spent in pajamas comfy clothing, under a blanket, with a cup of hot-coco, watching movies, all while cuddled up with a puppy! It was just to cold to do anything but stay warm and cozy in my house :)

I did manage to get up on Saturday morning and get a run in. It was supposed to be my long run day but that didn't happen! My body was not wanting to run at all and my foot was in pain, sooooo that meant no long run! I have to listen to my body! I stopped after 7 miles and came home. I felt like I really needed to stretch so I headed to yoga and it was just what my body needed. Once I got home, I decided (well my body decided) it wanted nothing more than to rest, so I did just that :) along with my awesome cuddle buddy, Bruin! Fiance worked all Saturday so the rest of the day was spent with Bruin just enjoying the day. Once Fiance came home, we did the same and just watched movies all night :) It was a very relaxing night!

Saturday was also the first day of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge!! 
My points are as followed:

7 mile run: 7 points
Yoga 90 minutes: 4.5 points
Total: 11.5 

Today, was a little more productive and I wasn't in pajamas comfy clothing all day ;) It started with waking up and eating a delicious breakfast with fiance then we headed off to church! After church, I headed off to the gym to get my sweat on and fiance headed home to check his fantasy team ;) 

At the gym I got in a spin class.....and a quick weight workout!

Day 2 of Challenge:
Spinning 60 minutes: 4 points
Weight workout 30 minutes: 1.5
Total: 5.5 

Fiance had the day off (he always has Sundays off, but Sundays are usually "Single Sundays) and instead of watching football, he suggested we spend the day together (he's awesome!) I was super excited, it had been awhile since we got to spend a whole day together!!! 

Our first stop was Starbucks

Then we headed off to Oak Glen! It was freezing!!!! 

After a wonderful day at Oak Glen we decided to get some shopping in ;)

Then it was Date Night time!! I absolutely LOVE date nights with Fiance!! We're always so busy with school and work that we never just get time to go out and enjoy each others company! It's so nice to be able to just sit and talk (and laugh) with fiance! I really enjoy his company!!! 

Fiance decided he was starving and had to order an appetizer. I may or may not have had a few chips ;)

And we had some drinks!

Our food came and we we're so hungry I didn't get any pictures :(  but it sure was delicious!! And there was no guilt because it was date night so no worrying :) 

Now it's time to enjoy our delicious treats we picked up from Oak Glen. A yummy Apple Burrito and Cherry Turnover. These have no calories, right?!?!

Time to relax with Fiance and enjoy the rest of the night. Tomorrow's goal is to get some baking done per fiances request ;) 

nighty-night!!! xoxo

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