Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Taco Tuesday

I am loving this cold weather, but not loving coming home when it's dark and it only being 6:00pm. I was starving when I got home and wanting a nice warm comfort meal. Usually on my late nights, I don't make dinner and lucky for me dinner was made :)

On tonight's menu...Tacos! I absolutely LOVE Mexican food. I love it so much we're having the taco man at our wedding (I'm not even kidding!) Mexican food is all I grew up with as a kid, but not the healthy kind, that may be why I was "chubby." I definitely cannot give up my comfort food, so instead I just make it healthy :) 

Healthy Tacos:

Ground Turkey with Squash, topped on a mini corn tortilla. I absolutely love the mini corn tortillas from Costco, for 2 tortillas it's only 64 calories, they are the perfect size for tacos! Finish off with a side of Mexican (brown) rice! Filled me up! Love comfort food! 

I'm now sitting here sipping on a cup of coffee and listening to Pandora! Fiance has to work tonight at 12am for a few hours :( so he's sleeping right now, which means I get to catch up on some homework. As I sit here, I just keeping thinking that I'm graduating in 32 days I can't believe it. Seems like just yesterday I was starting college and starting the nursing program. Now, I'm graduating with my BS in Nursing. Crazy! I have had the time of my life and made amazing friends throughout the program, they really are the only people who understand what you are going through. I have been so blessed with this opportunity, I am scared of the unknown, but I am pretty excited to be a nurse ;) 

Homework, here I come....


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