Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Warrior

Whew! This weekend was exhausting! Where shall we begin:

Started Saturday Morning off with a Long run. 10 miles......

My buddy on mile 7 

Finished 10 miles in 1:31. I wanted to finish faster, but there are so many hills in my neighborhood!!!! Darn Hills! Then it was a quick breakfast sandwich (2 whole wheat waffles, eggs, and turkey bacon: sorry no pictures!) and off to my ACLS class I went.....

Along with this lovely cup of coffee! Simply delicious! it entailed:

-1 scoop instant coffee
-1 cup Vanilla Almond Milk
-1 tsp vanilla extract
-Cinnamon and Nutmeg
-1tbsp of brown sugar
-Splash of Caramel
-4 little chocolate chips :)

-To Make: In saucepan boil milk on medium heat until steaming. Add in vanilla extract,nutmeg, chocolate chips and sugar, whisk with a wire wisk until boiling. Add in coffee and continue mixing. Pour into cup and add cinnamon/splash of caramel or whip cream on top. Enjoy! 

Just what I needed after 10 miles :) 

Where I spent 8 hours of my day! Who's pastries are those?!?! ;)

Succesfully completed my ACLS class. WHOO! I can now save your life if you go into cardiac arrest ;) After class, I waited for fiance to come home and we ate a quick dinner and headed off to visit with family! I love spending time with family it truly makes my heart filled and happy :)

After our lovely family trip we decided to stop at Frugos!!! They have pumpkin flavor!! Yum!! 

We called it a night after our Frozen Yogurt induced coma began ;)


Sunday was "Single Sunday!!" I usually lose fiance all day on Sundays until night time when we go to church! So,  this Sunday was no different! I went to church to serve with my awesome 4 year olds, then came home and caught up on cleaning, homework and reading. It was a relaxing day!!! In the evening we enjoyed a wonderful church service at our AWESOME church :) 


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