Saturday, December 18, 2010


And the parties continue......

Not a very long post today...I've been super busy (what else is new!) I managed to squeeze in Hot Yoga this morning and the class was awesome!

Then it was party number 1. It was my aunts birthday so we celebrated with lunch. I love family time! :) 

Now it's off to party number 2 and 3! Yeah, I feel pretty cool with all these parties ;) 

The next 2 parties are graduation parties for 2 of my wonderful nursing friends!

Party #1is with this lovely lady
Party #2 is the fabulous lady in the middle
Date #1
Date #2 is the hot guy! (Love this picture of my 3 favorites!!)

And now I'm off to celebrate our accomplishments :) 

What are your Saturday night plans?!

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  1. Hope you had a great weekend Val! I love parties! This is definitely the month for them. How nice for you to have all these celebrations!!