Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm still here....

I feel like I have fallen off the face of the blogger world. I haven't posted since Saturday....geez I suck. I really want to stick with my 1 post a day goal (maybe more!), but things have gotten busy and stressful! I also haven't been in the mood to blog, I just haven't been myself. I don't wanna get all emotional on here, but studying for boards is just mentally exhausting, so please forgive me. I'm trying to get back to myself :)

Let's see I will give you a quick re-cap of all that has happened in the past few days!

-Blood Drive at church! ( I hate needles, but this was a good cause, for every person who donated, $20 went to a child in Africa! LOVE IT!) I love helping out causes, I will donate money, blood, food, clothes, you name it, I'll donate it! I hope to one day be a public health nurse and have my own organization ;) 

-Date Night...we have been keeping up with our date night goal :) Go us! We watched "Date Night" last weekend, it was hilarious! 

-Working out (No matter what, I am trying to fit in a sweat session with how stressful things are going: running, yoga, spin!) I also did my last long run on Saturday: 10 miles :) 

-Studying: this by far as consumed my life for the last few weeks and is the whole reason, I have sucked as a blogger. I have had no time to just sit and blog :( and that makes my heart sad! As I sit here blogging, I realized I need to keep up with this, even if my post is just a picture :) I really don't want to lose any of you (to sappy!)

-Found our the iPhone is coming to Verizon: Which sucks for fiance and I because we left Verizon to get iphones now we are stuck for 1.5 years! :( 

Today was the usual:

-6 mile run
-Hot Yoga
-Did a NCLEX practice test
-Study, Study, Study
-Study, Study!
-I will sleep at one point ;)

I also did make a trip to Target today! That always makes me happy! I went for body wash and came out with a million more treasures ;) 

Post it's and food always bring joy to heart ;) 

Even with all the stress this weekend is going to be super exciting!

Race week started this Monday! Woot! And what does that consist of?!?!

-Carbo Loading (hooooray bread!)
-Fluid overload (Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate)
-Watching Marathon Movies
-Reading Marathon books
-Getting mentally prepared
-Lots of massages! (Fiances a great guy!)
-Carbo Loading
-Trying not to irritate fiance because tapering during this week sucks!

I am so excited for the Rock and Roll Half in Arizona! I am even more excited because my father in law is running it and one my friends! Like I said before, goal of this race no PR just pure enjoyment!

It's also Fiances birthday on Friday!!!! I love Birthdays!!

So, I'm looking forward to this weekend :) 

The rest of the night will be spent studying! It's also Modern Family night today.  Fiance and I are addicted to that show ;) 

If you run races how do you prepare? 
If you don't run races how do you prepare for big events?


  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours too. I'm sorry your so stressed about the boards, and I can totally relate to you since pharmacy school sucks as well. I'm not looking forward to taking my boards at all.

    Good luck studying and good luck on your race!

  2. during race week i make a list of everything i need to do and pack and spend the week slowly checking them off. i also review all the data from my training cycle to remind me of all the preparation i did for the race. good luck! can't wait to read how it goes!

  3. Ooo! Love what you've done with the place! Very fresh and clean!

    I LOVE Target and new notebooks and post-its make me happy too! haha Is it weird to love Target so much?

    I have yet to run a race. My first one will be the Redondo 5K on Superbowl Sunday! I'll be curious what people comment too!

  4. Can't wait for the race - and I understand the stress of the test. Boy do I understand. It will all be over soon. And then we will all be nurses in the eyes of the State of California - but you are already a great nurse in my eyes!!! See you soon