Saturday, January 8, 2011

A new relationship

My new relationship involves me putting my whole mind, heart, and energy into it and getting no foot rubs, back massages, dinners, or frozen yogurt dates in return :(

Fiance has taken a back seat to my new relationship...his name: Kaplan! I finished my first week of review last week and man was it exhausting. This relationship will be going on until I finally take boards. So far, this class has taught me so much more in regards to strategizing and how to answer questions on NCLEX! And, I am not the best test taker, so any tips that I can pick up, I will try!

Sorry the post have been lagging. I know one of my New Years Goal was to blog once a week and I really want to do that. I want to grow in the blogger community and make lots of blogger friends, I also definitely don't want to lose any of my readers, though I know my mom and fiance will always be reading ;) I just have been so pre-occupied with studying that I haven't been able to post and not much has been happening in my life to blog about, my days usually consist of working out, yoga, eating, sleeping, and studying! I lead a pretty un-eventful life.

Today! I started the day with a 10 mile run and yoga! Today was my last big run before race day! I can't believe in 8 more days, I will be running my 7th half-marathon! I was aiming for a sub 1:40! I know I can do it, because I got 1:41 at the Disney Half Marathon last year but I really want to take the time to enjoy this race, I never enjoy my races and run full speed to reach my goal. So this time will be different....Goal: Enjoyment! 

My view on today's run! God's beauty!!! 

The rest of my day was spent in front of my desk, studying and reading! I think I have a headache from everything I have to remember. Seriously, 3 years of nursing school all rolled into one book! Not my idea of fun! 

I am trying to think of post to write about to keep you all interested in the blog :) Thank you for staying faithful to the blog during this stressful time! 

I'm also waiting for Fiance to get home from work, he's been at work since 6am :( Luckily tomorrow's date night! I can finally get some quality time with him! 

What are you interested in seeing on the blog?!?!


  1. Good Luck in your Half-Mary and Good Luck on your Boards!!! Can't wait to read your recap I'm about to start my half training and am aiming for mid 1:40's :D

  2. i'm a new reader and look forward to reading more!

  3. Good luck on your race! You will do awesome! I just enjoy reading about everyday life... keep doing what you're doing! :)

  4. Good luck on your test Val!! I'm sure you'll do GREAT!

    I sooo envy your running stamina! I am a new runner and would love to hear your own personal tips on running and training for your Mary!


  6. haha funny post. work and training etc are so time consuming. you're doing a great job!